Xander Bogaerts Open To Exension

Some News Out Of The Xander Bogaerts Camp

According to Pete Abraham of The Boston Globe, the Red Sox star shortstop would be open to in-season negotiations regarding his contract. 

“I don’t know how this would work. But if they talk to Scott behind closed doors and it’s something that’s fair, he can come to me,” Bogaerts said. “We’ll see how that goes.”

Peter Abraham, Boston Globe

It was reported before the start of the season that the team offered to extend his current deal an extra year for 30 million. That would have made the agreement four years and 90 million. Which, in my honest opinion, was a slap in the face given the caliber of player Xander is and what he means to the franchise.

Bogaerts has been part of two championship teams and has been a leader for years now. It takes a special player to succeed in a market like Boston, and Xander has done that at the highest level for a long time now.

Many people will point to the fact that Scott Boras is his agent and immediately assume he will hit free agency and go to the team that pays him one cent more than the next.

People forget to realize that the agent works for the player and not the other way around. An example is a contract Jared Weaver signed a decade ago to stay in Anaheim when Boras was his representation.

This doesn’t mean he has to sign a ridiculous hometown discount as he did back in 2018 when they were able to buy two free-agent years.

As Xander said, he is looking for a “fair” deal to stay in a Boston uniform. I believe somewhere in the 7-8 year range in the 25-30 million range is something that would get him to stay.

There are no excuses for why Xander Bogaerts shouldn’t spend his entire career in Boston. Period.

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