Will Matt Patricia Return To Patriots Coaching Staff This Season?

Matt Patricia

Bill Belichick Responds To Patricia Question

Usually, at this point in the NFL offseason, most teams around the league have their coaching staff just about set. However, there is still one big question mark around the Patriot’s coaching staff that many fans are curious about.

Bill Belichick was recently asked about the status of former offensive coordinator Matt Patricia and if he would be returning to New England in 2023. Belichick’s response to this question was simply, “I’m not sure.” 

Matt Patricia’s Future With New England

As it stands, Matt Patricia is exploring other coaching positions should a spot open up for another staff this year. My guess is if he can’t find an outside job, he’ll most likely take a lesser role on the Patriots defensive coaching staff or some advisory role. Like it or not, he does have experience with the Patriots system and could be an asset to the team if put in the correct position… AKA, Not on offense.

Either way, Bill Belichick seems content with whatever direction Patricia decides to go and will most likely welcome him back in some fashion. I just can’t imagine he would let him go without a job in 2023, especially after the difficult spot he put him in during the season.

Matt Patricia’s Resume

Matt Patricia started his NFL coaching journey with the Patriots in 2004 as an assistant and worked his way up to defensive coordinator from 2012-2017. After some years of success, he left the Patriots for the head coaching position with the Detroit Lions in 2018. This experience did not go well for Patricia, and the Lions fired him in November 2020. 

However, his former coach and friend Bill Belichick brought him back to the Patriots in 2021 as an assistant head coach. He was later promoted to the team’s offensive coordinator after Josh McDaniels took the Las Vegas Raiders job.

Again, this position did not work out for Patricia, and Belichick would eventually hire former OC and Texans head coach Bill O’Brien to handle the offensive play-calling duties.

Courtesy of WEEI Boston Sports Original YouTube channel