Why The Pitch Clock Is Great For Baseball

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The Pitch Clock Is Great For Baseball

The average Major League Baseball game lasts about three hours and ten minutes. That may not sound like a long time, but when you factor in the time between pitches, it can start to feel like an eternity. That’s why the MLB will be implementing a new rule for next season: the pitch clock.

The pitch clock is designed to help keep games moving at a reasonable pace. It gives pitchers 15 seconds (20 seconds if men are on base) to throw a pitch; if they don’t, they’re penalized with a ball added to the count. It will ensure that pitchers don’t take too much time between pitches, thus keeping the game moving at a brisker pace.

Makes Pitchers More Efficient

With the new pitch clock, pitchers who have been notorious for dragging out their pitching strategy and slowing down the pace of play will be forced to become more efficient.

Beyond just hurrying up games, this will give fans an even more exciting, competitive experience. Pitchers will need to work more quickly and strategically in order to be successful, creating dramatic tension and high stakes.

Creates a Sense of Urgency

With the pitch clock ticking down, both pitchers and hitters feel a sense of urgency. This makes for a more exciting and enjoyable game. With this increased speed, fans now get to experience more action during each game; hitters should also expect to face more variety in pitcher approaches as teams try to throw their opponents off guard.

Aside from increasing the pace of play for the audience, the time limit will encourage pitchers to make quicker decisions, allowing them to move through batters faster and create an atmosphere of exhilarating intensity on the diamond.

Makes The Game Of Baseball More Watchable

I remember watching Clay Buchholtz, or Dice-K starts for the Red Sox, where they routinely take 30-40 seconds between throws. If you were new to the sport of baseball, there’s no way it would grab your attention. More than likely, you’re turning that off and watching something else. Now with a pitch clock, there will be less dead time and more action.

One of my favorite pitchers growing up was Chicago White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle. He would average around 14.8 seconds per pitch, throw strikes, and be overall efficient. I’m hoping the pitch clock will make more major league pitchers like Mr. Buehrle, especially as they become more comfortable.

MLB Is Adapting To The Times 

This move signals that MLB is aware of its need to attract younger fans and keep them engaged to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing world. With more and more people having less free time on their hands due to increased workloads and busy lifestyles.

Having shorter games that still deliver exciting moments can help draw in viewers who may not have otherwise been interested in baseball or watched it as much as past generations did. It reduces downtime between pitches, keeping fans engaged throughout the game and encouraging players to remain active instead of just waiting for something interesting to happen. 

Been Tested & Proven Effective

Major League Baseball introduced a pitch clock in the minor leagues, and the results have been positive. The average time of a minor league game has been reduced significantly since the pitch clock was implemented.

Most players haven’t felt a negative impact on play due to the 20-second rule, which has allowed them to get used to the system, so if they make the majors, it won’t affect them in the slightest. It creates a new generation of players who will be comfortable with the faster pace of play.


MLB’s decision to implement a pitch clock shows that they understand the importance of adapting to the times to stay relevant and attractive for younger audiences looking for fast-paced entertainment options that fit into their busy schedules. While this may seem like a small change on paper, it has huge potential implications on and off the field and could lead us into some exciting areas within baseball we haven’t explored before.

Ultimately this is an excellent example of how professional sports leagues must continually adjust in order to evolve alongside their fanbase if it wishes to remain successful over long periods of time.

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