Why Swimming Is a Great Way to Lose Weight

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Why Swimming Is a Great Way to Lose Weight

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that’s especially great for people who have a hard time hitting the gym, and It’s a fantastic, stress-free way to get a cardio workout in. It may be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a way to lose weight that doesn’t involve cutting calories.

The American Council on Exercise lists swimming as one of the top 30 activities for burning calories and fat. The calorie burn depends on how long you swim, your pace, and your body naturally burns calories. For example, a high-frequency swim program can lose about 400 calories per hour.

But, if you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off, a more realistic goal is between 200-800 calories burned per hour. That’s why swimmers call it low-impact, so you don’t have to worry about losing muscle or getting injured. A study in Obesity Research found that swimming effectively reduces fat compared to resistance training and aerobic exercise. I

Reason 1: It’s An Easy Way To Burn Calories

Swimming is a low-impact activity and can help you get in shape without strain on your joints or ligaments. It can help you burn calories faster than other forms of exercise. For example, one study found that a person who did 30 minutes of swimming five days a week could lose as many calories as doing an hour of cycling at the same intensity.

Reason 2: It’s Low Impact

Low-impact exercises are a great way to lose weight because you don’t have to cut calories or lift heavy weights. You also don’t have to worry about getting injured from repetitive activities. It is low-impact because it doesn’t require much strength or coordination and is easy on your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Plus, it’s a non-contact sport.

Reason 3: It Doesn’t Require Any Equipment

Swimming doesn’t require any equipment. You use a fitness center or a hotel’s fitness center. It doesn’t require any special attire, either. You can swim in a swimsuit or shorts.

Reason 4: You Can Meet New People And Make Friends

Swimming is a great way to meet people and make friends. You can take swimming classes at the gym, join a swim team, or even start a swim club at your school. It’s also easy to meet new people at the pool.

Reason 5: Make Memories While Getting Fit

Swimming can be a low-stress way to make memories while getting fit. You can schedule pool time during your lunch break, afternoon, or on weekends. You can also take a class with friends or swim with your family as it’s a low-stress sport. You don’t have to worry about getting fit for the Olympics.

Tip For Swimming To Lose Weight

The most important way to lose weight while swimming is to be consistent. You must show up daily and make it part of your routine. I recommend setting a goal for yourself, like swimming for 10, 20, or 30 minutes five times a week. You can also try to make it part of your weekly schedule. You might schedule a swim time during your lunch break, afternoon, or on weekends. 


Swimming is a great way to have fun and stay in shape and an excellent form of exercise for people looking to lose weight. It burns calories quickly and effectively, making it a great option for those who want to shed pounds fast. It is low-impact and gentle on the joints, which makes it ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.