Why Michael Jordan Is Still The GOAT

Is Jordan Still The GOAT Of The NBA?

There’s no doubt that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. His skills and athleticism were unparalleled, and he has a long list of accomplishments to show for it. But even after all these years, Jordan still seems to be at the top of the list of the GOATs (Greatest Of All Time).

There have been many great players in the NBA throughout history, so comparing players who played in different eras is complicated. Still, it seems that MJ would have played great today, as well as if he had played in the period before the 1980s. Let’s take a look at Michael’s career and why we might consider him the best basketball player ever.

Titles & Awards

Jordan started his career in the NBA back in 1984. He studied at the University of North Carolina and was then selected by the Chicago Bulls as the third pick in the NBA draft. He led the Bulls to six NBA championships and was named MVP of the NBA Finals five times. In 1992, Jordan retired from basketball to pursue a career in baseball. However, he returned to the Bulls in 1995, leading them to three more championships.

Jordan was the league’s top scorer ten times. He recorded over 32,000 pts, over 6,600 rebounds, and over 5,600 assists during his career. He also won two gold medals at the Olympic Games with the national team while being a part of the 1992 “Dream Team.”

Not only that, but through sponsors and partners, Michael Jordan is the richest basketball player of all time, and his fortune is estimated at around 1.6 billion dollars. He currently owns the NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets.

A Born Winner

Michael Jordan achieved his most tremendous success with the Chicago Bulls, where he had great teammates such as Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and coach Phil Jackson. Michael was the leader and the first star of that team, and he undoubtedly improved all his teammates.

MJ always gave one hundred percent of his abilities, but he also wanted the same out of each of his teammates. He was a born winner who was never afraid to take responsibility at crucial moments. Jordan has won many games in closing moments during his illustrious career.

He was always cool-headed and knew he was making the right decisions in most situations. That is one of the reasons why he won so many championships and awards throughout his time in the NBA.

Playmaker On Offense

During his career, Jordan most often played as a shooting guard. Jordan felt the most natural in that position, and by playing in that position, he could show all the incredible talent he possessed. He is one of the most intelligent players to ever play in the NBA and was a master of improvisation. Jordan read the game very well and saw what few other players could see on the court.

Jordan was recognizable by his fadeaway jump shot. In the beginning, he didn’t shoot the best from three-point range, but he improved that parameter in the game over time. He often knew how to draw a foul because of his explosiveness, so he often went for penetrations and layups.

Michael played equally well on both sides of the court because he spent a lot of time studying the players he needed to keep after training.

Elite Defensive Ability

Many players today are criticized for not making effort on the defensive side of the court. But for Jordan, that was never an issue as he was a part of the NBA’s defensive first team nine times in his career.

He was always well-regarded as someone who could lock down an opposing player with his defensive abilities. This is another factor that separates him from other players in basketball during his time and even today.

“Last Dance”

Michael Jordan officially ended his career in the 2002-2003 season. As we mentioned, Jordan twice withdrew from the NBA, but in 2003 he played his actual “last dance.”. He managed to score over 40 points several times, and during the entire season, he averaged over 20 points and played the small forward position, which he had not played before.

MJ played his last game on April 16, 2003, when Washington played vs. the Philadelphia 76ers on their field. The game was watched by almost 22,000 fans who, together with all of Jordan’s teammates, opposing players, and league officials, sent Jordan to a well-deserved final retirement with a few minutes of applause.

The Chicago Bulls and even the Miami Heat withdrew the number 23 from use even though Michael had never played for the Florida team in his career. This speaks volumes about how much Jordan was appreciated around the league.

Michael Jordan Is The GOAT

Why is Michael Jordan the GOAT? Jordan read the game brilliantly and had a fantastic overview of everything happening on the court. In addition to excellent physical predispositions and incredible explosiveness, he also possessed unprecedented basketball intelligence.

We might wonder whether Michael Jordan had any weak points in his career. I believe if Jordan had played today, his statistical parameters would still have been great, even with the evolution of the 3-pointer. He played great in the attack and was never afraid to take responsibility on both ends of the court. With his unforgettable fadeaway mid-range shots, he brought many victories and championships to Chicago.

When he played for the Washington Wizards at almost 40, his games weren’t much worse than the ones he played in Chicago a few years earlier. Jordan in modern basketball could probably only be compared to Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest spotters of all time, who never left anyone indifferent with his basketball magic.


Whether you agree with him being called the GOAT or not, there’s no denying that MJ is one of the most impressive players in NBA history. Let me know what you think in the comments below!