Why Is the Seattle Seahawks Stadium So Loud?


Why Is The Seattle Seahawks Stadium So Loud?

As one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, Lumen Field (formerly known as CenturyLink Field) has been intimidating opponents since 2002. But why is it so much louder than other stadiums? Let’s dive into what makes this stadium unique and explore why it’s become an iconic symbol of Seattle sports culture. 

The Stadium Design 

The stadium features a metal roof, which helps to amplify sound throughout the facility. The stands are also designed in such a way that it forces noise created by fans back toward the playing field. This creates a wall of sound that can be heard from miles away and makes for a deafening game day experience for those inside. 

The 12th Man Tradition 

The 12th-man tradition has become an iconic part of every Seahawks home game, helping to add to the already deafening sound levels within Lumen Field on game day. Before kickoff, fans raise their fists in unison and chant loudly while holding up Seahawks flags and giant banners with messages of support for their team.

This creates an exciting atmosphere that encourages even more cheering when play begins on the field below them. The 12th man has been a big reason for their success in the present, and they will continue to be a big part of the team’s success in the future.

The Hawk Nest    

Located just behind one end zone, this area is reserved for some of Seattle’s rabid fans who call themselves The Hawks Nest Crew (HNC). These die-hard supporters bring drums, horns, and a never-ending energy that helps create an even greater sense of excitement throughout the stadium during games. 

How a Loud Home Stadium Creates an Advantage

The role of the home crowd in creating a home-field advantage is well-documented. Studies have shown that teams receive a boost in performance when playing in front of their home fans. This boost is likely due to the home crowd providing emotional support for the team, leading to increased focus and motivation. The home crowd can also create a sense of intimidation for the opposing team, which can lead to mistakes and turnovers.

The team’s familiarity with their home stadium is also significant in creating an advantage. Teams used to playing in their home stadium are more comfortable with the surroundings and better understand the playing surface. This knowledge can give them an edge over teams that are unfamiliar with the stadium.

Did The Seahawks Change Their Stadium Name?

The new home of the Seattle Seahawks is now officially called Lumen Field. The stadium, located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, was originally named CenturyLink Field when it opened in 2002. But the telecommunications company announced last year that it was changing its name to Lumen Technologies, so the stadium followed suit.


Lumen Field is one of the NFL’s most popular stadiums because it provides football fanatics with an exciting atmosphere full of contagious energy and incredible sounds. From its unique design to its passionate fan base and iconic 12th-man tradition, many factors are at play in creating this fantastic environment found in Seattle on game day.