Why Do Professional Bowlers Ask For Re-Racks?

bowling re-rack

What Is A Re-Rack?

In bowling, a rerack is an opportunity to reset the pins after being knocked down. This can happen if the first ball of a frame knocks down all but one or two pins or if the second ball fails to knock down any remaining pins. In either case, the bowler can request a rerack, and the reset pins will be arranged in the same configuration as they were at the start of the frame.

Why Do Professional Bowlers Ask For Re-Racks?

There’s a lot that goes into being a professional bowler. They have to have excellent hand-eye coordination, master the physics of the ball and pins, and make quick adjustments on the fly. But even the best bowlers in the world sometimes need a little help. That’s where the rerack comes in.

Let’s take a closer look at why bowlers will ask for them…

Reason 1: Regain Composure

Professional bowlers are under a lot of pressure to perform. Not only are they competing for prize money, but they also have to maintain sponsorships and keep their fans happy. As a result, it’s not uncommon for professional bowlers to feel overwhelmed during a tournament.

When this happens, they will sometimes ask for a rerack. This gives them a few moments to calm down and breathe before they have to throw another ball. While it may not seem like much, this short break can be enough to help professional bowler regain their focus and bowl their best.

Reason 2: Don’t Like The Way Pins Are Setup

One of the most frustrating things about bowling is when you get a strike, only to have the pins reset and ruin your perfect game. While it might seem like professional bowlers are just being picky when they rerack, there’s a method to their madness.

By carefully studying the pin configuration, bowlers can identify which pins are most likely to fall and adjust their aim accordingly. By resetting the pins, they can create a more challenging target that gives them a better chance of picking up another strike. Of course, reracking isn’t always successful, but it’s worth the risk for professional bowlers.

Reason 3: Ice Their Opponent

In any competitive sport, players can use various strategies to try and gain an advantage over their opponents. Reracking can psych out opponents by making them wait longer between throws.

Similar to icing a kicker in the NFL by calling a timeout. Sometimes a bowler’s biggest opponent can be their own head and the thoughts about the next throw.

Is There A Limit To Re-Racks In Professional Bowling?

Professional bowlers are limited to two reracks per match. This ensures that all bowlers have an equal opportunity to rack up strikes, regardless of their ability level. It also helps to keep games exciting, as bowlers must carefully choose when to use their limited number of reracks.

Professional bowling is a highly competitive sport, and limiting the number of reracks ensures that matches are fair and thrilling for all involved.