Why Baseball Is Considered Boring

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Why Baseball Is Considered Boring

For years, baseball has been called the national pastime in the United States. But recently, it’s been accused of being boring and outdated. While many people still love the game, there are some valid reasons why baseball is considered boring by some.

Let’s take a look at why this might be the case. 

Reason 1: Length Of Games

One of the most common complaints about baseball is that the games are too long. While a typical nine-inning game usually lasts around 2½ to 3 hours, some can last for four or more hours if there are extra innings or delays due to weather or injuries.

This can be incredibly frustrating for casual fans who want to watch a quick game without having to invest a significant amount of time in it. 

Reason 2: Lack Of Action

Aside from a few moments of excitement when a player hits a home run or makes an amazing catch, most plays involve pitchers throwing balls and batters trying to hit them – not exactly thrilling stuff.

This lack of action makes it difficult for casual fans to follow along with what’s happening on the field, as they may not understand why one batter just got out while another was able to get on base. 

Reason 3: Rules & Regulations

There are also strict limits on how long pitchers can stay in the game, and fielders must be very careful about where they position themselves. These rules can make baseball seem like a very slow and tedious sport. However, some people find the strategic elements of baseball to be fascinating.

Reason 4: Lots Of Jargon

Baseball can sometimes be hard to follow if you’re unfamiliar with all the jargon and terminology. Even casual fans can find themselves lost in all the technicalities of the game. For new fans, this can be overwhelming and make it difficult to understand right away.

Reason 5: Repetitive Nature Of The Sport

Baseball games can also often seem very repetitive. There are a lot of the same motions and plays being made over and over again, which can make it feel like you’re watching the same thing happen over and over.

The action tends to be spread out more, and there are often long periods between pitches, making it challenging to maintain interest, especially for casual fans.

How MLB Is Making the Game More Exciting

Change 1: Instant Replay Reviews

One of the most notable changes to MLB over the past few years is the introduction of instant replay reviews. In 2008, MLB began allowing managers to challenge certain calls made by umpires on the field.

If a manager believes a call was incorrect, he can request an instant replay review which will be reviewed by an umpire in a booth at the stadium or remotely from MLB headquarters in New York City. This helps speed up games by avoiding lengthy arguments between managers and umpires on controversial calls. 

Change 2: The Pace of Play Rules

In 2015, MLB introduced several new rules designed to speed up games and keep them moving. These include limiting mound visits from either coaches or players and instituting a timer between innings to ensure teams don’t spend too much time in their dugouts between innings.

The goal here is to make sure games don’t drag on too long and become boring for fans who are watching at home or in the stands. Making it more enjoyable for viewers in the ballpark and watching at home.

Change 3: Rule Changes

MLB has recently implemented several rule changes designed to make the game more exciting for fans. One example is allowing teams to employ a designated hitter—a player whose sole job is hitting—in American and National League games instead of just American League ones as was previously done.

Another example is allowing teams to start extra-inning games with runners already on base to speed up play and avoid marathon contests between two evenly-matched teams that could go on forever without any resolution.  


Many consider the game of baseball boring because it lacks the excitement of other sports, such as basketball and football. Baseball games can last up to three hours, which can be tedious for some fans.

To make baseball more exciting, MLB has made some changes to the game. These changes include adding new rules and increasing the speed of the game to make it more enjoyable for fans.