Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short?


Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short?

Have you ever wondered why volleyball shorts are so short? It’s because they were designed to allow players to move freely and comfortably while playing. This post will explore the history and evolution of these iconic shorts and their many benefits.

Reasons Why Volleyball Shorts Are So Short

Better Range of Motion: Players need to move quickly and jump high when playing volleyball. A longer pair would get in the way and limit their movement.

Help Keep Players Cool: The sport is physically demanding, and players can get sweaty. Wearing shorter shorts allows their bodies to cool down more easily.

Tend To Be More Comfortable: They don’t bunch up or ride up as longer ones do and don’t get as hot.

The Evolution of the Sport and its Uniforms 

Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan, who based the game on two sports he had played previously: basketball and tennis. The first “shorts” were long pants similar to what basketball and tennis players wore at the time. But as volleyball evolved as an indoor sport, uniforms also began to change.

As shorts became shorter, they also became more lightweight, allowing athletes to move freely without bulky fabric weighing them down or slowing them down. This is why the modern-day versions are much shorter than they used to be—it just makes sense from an athletic and a comfort standpoint. 

How Short Are They?

Volleyball shorts are typically shorter than athletic ones, such as basketball or running. They are usually between 2 and 4 inches inseam, with 3 inches being the most common length. This shorter length allows players to move more freely and jump higher without their clothes getting in the way. 

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Spandex?

Volleyball players wear spandex because it is tight-fitting and does not restrict movement while absorbing sweat to keep the player’s skin dry. Wearing spandex can help prevent injuries by supporting muscles and joints.

Where Can I Buy Volleyball Shorts?

You can buy volleyball shorts in many places, such as sporting goods stores, online retailers, or even department stores. When choosing a pair, it is important to consider the material and fit. 

Here are some of our favorite places to buy volleyball shorts:

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

2. Nike

3. Adidas

4. Under Armour

5. Amazon

6. Target

7. Walmart

8. Macy’s


in summary, volleyball shorts are so short because they offer the best combination of mobility and coverage. The shorter length allows for more range of motion when players jump and dive while providing enough fabric to protect their legs from scrapes and bruises.