Who Was Football Icon Vince Lombardi?

Vince Lombardi

Who Was Football Icon Vince Lombardi?

Vince Lombardi is a name synonymous with professional football. A legendary coach and one of the few people to have been inducted into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame, Lombardi was responsible for leading some of the most successful teams in NFL history.

Let’s look at his incredible career and why he is considered one of football’s greatest icons. 

Early Career 

Vince Lombardi was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 11th, 1913. He grew up playing various sports, including basketball and baseball, which he played for Fordham University.

After graduating from college in 1937, he became an assistant coach for Fordham before taking a job as an offensive line coach at St. Cecilia High School in Englewood, New Jersey. In 1947 he became the head coach of Army’s freshman team and later served as an assistant coach under Red Blaik at West Point. 

Green Bay Glory Years 

As head coach of the Packers, Lombardi quickly turned them into one of the most successful teams in NFL history. During his nine-year tenure with the team (1959-1967), they won five NFL championships (including three consecutive wins from 1965-1967) and two Super Bowls. He led them to eight division titles and had a winning percentage of .738, still one of the highest ever recorded by a head coach. 


Lombardi’s accomplishments during his time with the Packers cemented him as one of football’s icons—so much so that even today, the trophy given to each year’s Super Bowl winner bears his name (the Vince Lombardi Trophy).

His legacy lives on through his teachings about hard work and dedication to success, something countless coaches have echoed since his time with Green Bay.    


Vince Lombardi is an undeniable legend whose influence will be felt throughout professional football for years to come. A master tactician who understood how to get the best out of every player on his team.

Lombardi set an example for future generations about what it means to lead a winning team—and how true success can only be achieved through hard work and determination. If you are looking for someone to inspire you toward greatness in your sports endeavors, look no further than Vince Lombard.