Who Votes For The NBA MVP Award? How The Voting Works

Former MVP Kobe Bryant

Who Votes For The NBA MVP Award?

Every year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) awards its Most Valuable Player (MVP) to the player judged to have had the most valuable contributions on their team and in the league. But who decides which player is worthy of this prestigious award? Let’s take a closer look. 

Voting System For NBA MVP

The votes for the NBA MVP award are cast by a panel of 100 sportswriters, journalists, and broadcasters from the United States and Canada. This panel selects the player they believe most deserving of the MVP award for that season. The voting process for the NBA MVP award is conducted via a points system.

Each voter selects their first, second, and third choice for MVP, with the first choice being worth 5 points, the second choice is worth 3 points, and the third choice is worth 1 point. The player with the most points at the end of the voting process is declared the winner. This voting process is similar to that used for major awards like the Cy Young Award in baseball and professional sports hall of fame inductions. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for MVP consideration, a player must have played 50 or more games during the regular season, with no minimum limit on minutes played per game. They must also have appeared on at least one MVP ballot returned by voters. Players who are traded or move teams during the season remain eligible if they meet these requirements. 

Impact Of The Vote 

In most cases, debates over who should win an MVP award tend to center around two or three players whose performance stands out above all others.

This means voters can be pressured to choose wisely when selecting their ballots each year. Even small shifts in votes can make a huge difference in determining who ultimately gets crowned this prestigious honor.

Determining The Best Player Can Be Very Challenging

Stats: Players who consistently put up good numbers night in and night out are likely to be considered the best.

Performance In Clutch Situations: These are moments when the game is on the line; one possession can determine the outcome. Players who step up and deliver in these moments are usually considered the best.

Looking at How Their Peers Perceive Them: Some players’ value can mean more than just scoring and playing good defense; it’s a team game and goes beyond the court.


In recent years, there has been some controversy surrounding the voting for the NBA MVP award. Some people believe that the award should be based on statistics, while others believe it should be based on the player’s impact on their team’s success.

However, most voters still seem to base their decision on both factors. There can be significant pressure on voters due to small shifts in votes, potentially making huge differences in determining who ultimately gets awarded this honor.


To summarize, the NBA MVP award is an annual honor given to the league’s best player each season. With the vote determined by sportswriters and broadcasters across North America.

To be eligible for consideration, players must appear on at least one ballot returned by voters and have played 50 or more games during the regular season. It’s making it very important for them to carefully consider all available information before casting their ballots each year.