Who Owns The Dallas Cowboys?

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Who Owns The Dallas Cowboys?

So, who owns The Dallas Cowboys? The franchise is currently owned by Jerry Jones, who purchased the team in 1989 for $150 million. Before Jones took over as owner, the Cowboys were owned by Bum Bright. Under Jerry Jones’ ownership, the Cowboys have won three Super Bowls and have become the most valuable sports franchises in the world, with a value of $8 Billion.

Jerry Jones is a native of Arkansas and began his career in the oil and gas industry. He later became involved in the sports world, first as a co-owner of the San Diego Chargers and then as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Jones is known for being a hands-on owner and is heavily involved in all aspects of the team’s operations, as he also acts as team general manager.

He has been praised and criticized for his management style, but there is no doubt that he has succeeded in making the Cowboys one of the most popular and valuable sports franchises in the world.

Reasons For The Cowboy’s High Valuation

1. Have a Rich History & Tradition: The team was founded in 1960, and since then, they’ve been one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. They’ve had some of the greatest players to play the game, including Hall of Famers like quarterback Troy Aikman and defensive end Randy White.

2. Massive & Devoted Fan Base: The team regularly sells out their home games, and their fans are known for being some of the most passionate and loyal in all of sports. They also have fans all over the country because of their national exposure on television during the 70s and 90s.

3. One of The Most Valuable Brands In Sports: The team’s name and logo are among the most recognizable in the world and have a huge global following. When people see their star logo, they know it’s the Dallas Cowboys.

4. Generate a Tremendous Amount of Revenue: The team is worth an estimated $8 billion, making them the most valuable franchise in the NFL. They generate millions of dollars in revenue each year from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and television contracts.

5. New State-of-The-Art Stadium: The team moved into its new home, AT&T Stadium, in 2009. The stadium is one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced, and it has helped the team generate even more revenue.

About The Dallas Cowboys Franchise

The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football team based in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. The Cowboys compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) East division. They are headquartered in Frisco, Texas, and play their home games at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which opened for the 2009 season. The stadium took the place of Texas Stadium, which serve as the team’s home stadium from 1960 to the 2008 season.

The franchise has made eight Super Bowl appearances, tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos for second most in NFL history, behind only the New England Patriots. The Cowboys have won five of those Super Bowl appearances, tying them with their NFC rivals, the San Francisco 49ers; both teams are second to Pittsburgh’s and New England’s record of six Super Bowl championships.