Who Is Wrestling Icon Mick Foley?

Mick Foley

Who Is Wrestler Mick Foley?

Mick Foley is a wrestling icon who has impacted the sport for over two decades. Known for his hardcore matches, which often involve him profusely taking incredibly brutal bumps and Bleeding. He has won multiple championships, including the WWE Championship, and is considered one of the all-time greats.

Mick Foley is also known for his charitable work, having founded the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s “Foley’s Heroes” program, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Wrestling Career

Mick Foley is a former professional wrestler who rose to prominence in the late 1990s. He is best known for his hardcore wrestling style, which often saw him taking brutal bumps and being involved in dangerous stunts.

Foley began his wrestling career in 1983, working for various independent promotions. He first gained national attention in 1992 when he signed with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). While in WCW, Foley wrestled under the name Cactus Jack and became known for his hardcore matches.

In 1996, Foley left WCW and joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE). He created the character of Mankind, a deranged and maniacal wrestler who would become one of the most popular figures in the WWF/WWE.

Foley’s time in the WWF/WWE was marked by several memorable moments, including his participation in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match and his “I Quit” match against The Rock.

He would go on to have a successful career in WWE, winning multiple championships before retiring from active competition in 2000. Since then, he’s made sporadic appearances as an on-air personality and occasional wrestler.

Wrestling Style

Foley’s wrestling style was a unique mix of hardcore and traditional wrestling. He would often utilize chairs, barbed wire, and other dangerous objects in his matches, which helped him develop a reputation as a “crazy” wrestler. While this type of wrestling turned some fans off, others found it thrilling and entertaining.

Despite his hardcore style, Foley was also a very skilled technical wrestler. He was able to execute various complex moves, making him a credible in-ring competitor. Foley was known for his ability to tell a great story in the ring. He was often involved in long-running feuds with other wrestlers, which helped him develop a loyal following among fans.

Foley’s willingness to take risks in the ring often resulted in him sustaining serious injuries. However, he always managed to come back from these injuries and continue wrestling. This inspired many fans, who saw him as a symbol of strength and perseverance.


Since his retirement, Foley has remained active with WWE as an on-screen personality and ambassador. He has also written several bestselling books, including his autobiography Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks.

He is one of the most popular and respected figures in professional wrestling. His hardcore style of wrestling has entertained fans for decades, and his willingness to put his body on the line has made him a true legend in the business.