Who Holds The Record For Most Home Runs In A Season?


Who Holds The Record For Most Home Runs In A Season?

Barry Bonds holds the record for the most home runs in a single season, with 73. He set this record in 2001. Sammy Sosa is second on the list, with 66 home runs in 1998. Mark McGwire is third, with 65 home runs in 1998. The American League Record was set by Aaron Judge with 63 in 2022.

What Made Bonds Such A Great Hitter?

For starters, Barry Bonds was an extremely disciplined hitter. He had a remarkable ability to wait for pitches that he could drive for extra-base hits. He also had incredible hand-eye coordination and bat speed, which allowed him to make solid contact with the ball even on pitches that were outside of the strike zone.

Bonds was also constantly studying pitchers and adjusting his approach at the plate. He was also one of the first players to embrace weight training and nutrition as a way to improve his on-field performance. Pitchers were often intimidated by his presence in the batter’s box, and opposing teams game planned specifically for him.

Did Bonds Take Steroids?

Many people believe that Barry Bonds used steroids during his career, as he set a number of records during his time with the San Francisco Giants. Although Bonds has never tested positive for steroids, there is evidence that he did use them at some point in his career.

In 2003, Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson was indicted on charges of distributing steroids. Anderson had previously been linked to Bonds; as he had supplied him with the cream and the clear, two substances later determined to be steroids.

In 2007, Bonds was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice after he lied to a grand jury about his use of steroids. He was found guilty on one count of obstruction of justice, but the jury was deadlocked on the other charges.

He has always denied using steroids, but the evidence against him is strong and likely used them at some point during his career, although it’s impossible to know.