Who Has Appeared On The Most Sports Illustrated Covers?

Sports Illustrated

Who Has Appeared On The Most Sports Illustrated Covers?

Michael Jordan has appeared on most Sports Illustrated covers of any athlete in history. As of 2022, he has graced the cover 50 times, including a record 35 times on the front page. Jordan’s first appearance on the cover came in March 1986, when he was still a college player at the University of North Carolina. He would go on to appear on the cover as a member of the Chicago Bulls an astonishing 37 times.

In 1998, he was named SI’s Sportsman of the Year after leading the Bulls to their sixth NBA Championship. Along with his numerous appearances on SI’s cover, Jordan has also been featured in some of the magazine’s most iconic photographs, including one depicting him leaping through the air en route to winning his first NBA title in 1991.

Why Sports Illustrated Is So Popular

Sports Illustrated was founded in 1954, and since then, it has become known for its beautiful and iconic photos. Many of the world’s greatest photographers have worked for the magazine, including Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr., and Annie Leibovitz.

The magazine’s commitment to sports photography has helped it capture some of the most memorable moments in sports history. From Muhammad Ali’s knockout of Sonny Liston to Michael Jordan’s game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz, Sports Illustrated has been there to document these moments for generations of fans.

In addition to its photography, the publication is also known for its excellent writing. The magazine has featured some of the most talented writers in sports journalism, including Rick Reilly, Frank Deford, and Dan Jenkins.

The combination of great writing and stunning photography has helped make Sports Illustrated one of the most popular magazines in America. The magazine’s commitment to excellence in both areas is a major reason for its continued success.