When Did WWF Become WWE? Reason For The Name Change


When Did WWF Become WWE?

On May 7th, 2002, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for several reasons. The company was facing several lawsuits at the time from the World Wildlife Fund for Trademark Infringement, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for the company to use the WWF name.

Why Did The WWF Change Its Name?

So, why did they change their name to WWE? The answer is simple: they had to. The World Wildlife Fund has been around since 1961, a much larger and more well-known organization than the wrestling company.

They knew it could not win a prolonged legal battle against the World Wildlife Fund, so it changed its name to avoid further litigation. While the name change was undoubtedly a setback for the company, they have remained one of the world’s most successful professional wrestling organizations. They have built up a large and loyal fan base and continue producing some of the most entertaining wrestling shows in the world.

So while the name change may have been a necessary evil, it has not stopped the WWF from being one of the world’s most popular professional wrestling companies.