What’s a Dogleg Hole In The Game of Golf?

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What Is a Dogleg Hole In Golf?

Have you ever heard someone talk about a “dogleg” hole on the golf course? Are you curious as to what it is? A dogleg hole is one of the more interesting aspects of golf and can be pretty tricky to navigate for those unfamiliar with it.

Let’s look at what makes a dogleg hole unique and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage on the course. 

What is a Dogleg Hole? 

A dogleg hole is when a particular hole on the golf course has an angle or bend, usually between 90-180 degrees. The bend may be left (dogleg left) or right (dog leg right). Sometimes, there are even two bent portions that makeup one single hole. This means that the player will have to adjust their approach because the ball will not go in a straight line from start to finish. 

Dogleg holes can be found on 9-hole and 18-hole courses, although they are more common on the latter. They add variety to the game and can test even the most experienced golfers.

Amateurs should take care when choosing their clubs, as hitting too far off the fairway can leave them in a difficult position. Dogleg holes can be frustrating, but they also offer the opportunity for a big score if played well.

How To Play The Hole

When playing on a dogleg hole, it is important to remember that you will need to adjust your shot depending on which direction the bend goes. If it’s a dogleg left, aim slightly further left than usual, so your ball won’t land on any trees or other objects in your way; if it’s a dogleg right, then aim slightly further right for the same reason.

Many experienced players also recommend hitting short of where you would typically hit if playing straight. If you were aiming for 200 yards but noticed it was a dog leg right, hit only 180 yards instead, as this will give you more control over where your ball ends up. 

Knowing The Hazards

It is also important to note that obstacles such as water hazards or sand traps near the bend of the hole can often create additional challenges for players trying to navigate these holes successfully.

Knowing what type of obstacles lie ahead of time can help prepare players for these difficult shots and give them an idea of where their shot should land to avoid landing in one of these hazardous areas. 


Dogleg holes are an interesting part of golf that requires strategy and skillful execution to be navigated successfully. Knowing how far you should hit before making contact with the ball and being aware of any potential hazards near the bend are key factors when approaching this type of shot.

With some practice and patience, anyone can learn how to tackle these tricky shots with confidence.