What Was WWE’s Thunderdome? Was It a Success?


The WWE Thunderdome was a unique concept that allowed WWE fans to virtually attend live events from the comfort of their own homes. It was launched in August 2020 and lasted until the Summer of 2021, when the company began touring in front of live audiences again in July 2021.

This post will look at what made the Thunderdome so unique and why it was an important step forward for WWE. 

The Concept Behind the Thunderdome 

The idea behind the Thunderdome was simple – to create an immersive virtual experience that would make fans feel like they were actually at a live event. To do this, WWE set up a massive dome-like structure inside its performance center in Orlando, FL, which could accommodate up to 2,000 fans via video technology.

Fans could log into Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and interact with other viewers through text chat rooms or voice channels, allowing them to “attend” the show as if they were there – albeit in a virtual environment. 

The Impact of the Thunderdome on WWE Events 

The introduction of the Thunderdome was a major step forward for WWE and its fans. Allowing fans to attend live events virtually meant that anyone in any part of the world could be part of an event without worrying about travel costs or accommodation arrangements.

Plus, due to its use of VR technology, every fan had access to an unparalleled level of engagement – they could cheer along with other viewers while also being able to communicate with them directly through text or voice chat. 

WWE During The Pandemic

1. All company personnel were required to undergo daily health screenings, which included temperature checks and questions about any possible symptoms.

2. The locker rooms and other backstage areas were regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure the virus wouldn’t spread among the Superstars and staff.

3. Any wrestlers or other personnel who showed any signs of illness were immediately quarantined and not allowed to return to work until a doctor had cleared them.

Is WWE Back To Normal?

Yes, WWE has resumed live events, which means that fans will once again be able to see their favorite wrestlers in action. This is great news for WWE and its fans, as the company can finally generate higher revenue again.

WWE’s return to normalcy is a relief for many people who were worried about the company’s future. The pandemic had caused many businesses to shut down, and there was no telling when or if WWE could resume live operations. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, and the company is back to providing entertainment for its fans.

What Made The Thunderdome So Special? 

The idea behind the Thunderdome wasn’t just about giving viewers access; it was also about giving them an experience unlike anything else available on television at that time. Its combination of real-time interactive elements and high-quality production values made it truly unique – something no other wrestling promotion had ever done.

Its success paved the way for similar experiences in other sports and entertainment properties, proving once again that WWE is always on top when it comes to innovation and creativity.  


To summarize, WWE’s Thunderdome changed how wrestling shows are presented forever by introducing virtual reality technology into a live setting. Making the most out of a bad situation during the time.

It allowed audiences around the world to actively participate in events without having to worry about travel costs or accommodations – all while enjoying an unparalleled level of engagement thanks to its real-time interactive features.