What Was Tyreek Hill’s 40-Yard Dash Time?

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What Was Tyreek Hills’ 40-Yard Dash Time?

Tyreek Hill ran a 4.29 40-yard dash on his pro day at West Alabama, which is an absurd time for any player. This just goes to show that Hill is a world-class athlete and has used that ability to its fullest extent in the NFL.

Tyreek Hill Height & Weight

Hill stands at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall and weighs 185 pounds (84 kilograms). Given his smaller stature, he is often able to use his speed and quickness to his advantage when playing against larger defenders.

What Is Tyreek Hills Nickname?

Tyreek Hill’s nickname is “Cheetah.” His college coach gave him this nickname because of his speed and agility on the field.

What Makes Him So Difficult To Defend?

Ability To Take The Top Off The Defense: He can line up in the slot or out wide and has the speed to blow past any defender. When he gets into open space, he’s nearly impossible to tackle.

Good Route Runner: He understands how to open against different types of coverage and has great body control. This allows him to create separation even when defenders are playing tight coverage.

Very Good Receiver: He has great hands and can make tough catches in traffic. He’s also a very good run-after-the-catch player, and he’s not afraid to lower his shoulder and pick up extra yards.

Why Did Tyreek Hill Fall In The NFL Draft?

Tyreek Hill was picked in the 5th round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was selected with the 165th overall pick, which was near the end of the draft. There were a few reasons why he fell so far in the draft, despite his impressive collegiate career.

Hill had some serious off-field issues that likely scared away a lot of teams. He was arrested for domestic assault and battery in 2014 and pleaded guilty to the charges. This led to him being kicked off the Oklahoma State football team. While he was never convicted of anything, the incident still caused him to fall into the draft.

Hill also ran into some legal trouble during the NFL Draft process. He was accused of punching and choking his pregnant girlfriend, which led to an investigation by the NFL. However, he was never charged with a crime, and the NFL cleared him of wrongdoing.

Overall Player Assessment

Tyreek Hill is one of the most explosive players in the NFL. He can take the top off any defense and is a big play threat whenever he touches the ball. Despite his small stature, he is a physical player who isn’t afraid to go over the middle and make plays in traffic.

He is also an excellent route runner with great quickness and agility. He is a dangerous weapon in the return game as well, and he has the potential to score anytime he gets his hands on the ball.

The only thing that holds him back from being an elite receiver is his lack of size, which can be an issue against taller corners and safeties. Overall, Hill is a dynamic playmaker with the ability to score from anywhere on the field.

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