What Was Tom Brady’s 40-Yard Dash Time?

Tom Brady


Tom Brady is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in NFL history. With seven Super Bowl rings and multiple MVP awards, he is one of the most recognizable players in the league.

But how fast is he? What was his 40-yard dash time when he was coming out of college? Let’s find out! 

What Was Tom Brady’s 40-Yard Dash Time?

Tom Brady’s official 40-yard dash time is 5.28 seconds. This time was recorded at the 2000 NFL Scouting Combine, where Brady participated as a prospect coming out of the University of Michigan. He was the second-slowest quarterback times during the combine, only behind Chris Redman, who ran a 5.37.

Tom Brady’s Vertical & Broad Jump Scores

Brady also scored well on other tests at the Combine. His vertical jump was 24.5 inches, and his broad jump was 8 feet 3 inches—both well below average for quarterbacks that year.

Why Did Tom Brady Fall To Pick 199?

Did Not Have The Prototypical NFL Quarterback Body: He was skinny at 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds and lacked the size many teams covet in their signal callers.

Not a Particularly Gifted Athlete: He ran a 5.28-second 40-yard dash on his pro day, which was well below average for quarterbacks. His lack of speed and athleticism likely scared off some teams who were looking for a more traditional quarterback prospect.

Did Not Have The Strongest Arm: While he could make all the throws necessary to be successful at the NFL level, his lack of arm strength was seen as a potential liability.

How Was He Able To Achieve Success?

When looking at these numbers alone, it’s easy to see why some scouts weren’t too high on Brady coming out of college. However, it’s important to note that Tom has always been an incredibly smart player who understands how to read defenses and make quick decisions on offense.

These qualities don’t necessarily show up on a stopwatch or measuring tape. This combination of physical attributes and football IQ has allowed him to become one of the greatest QBs despite not being a prototypical athlete by any measure. 


While Tom Brady may not be as athletically gifted as some other players in the league, it would be foolish to discount him based solely on his 40-yard dash time from 2000.

His intelligence and years of experience have enabled him to succeed where others with more impressive raw athleticism have failed—a testament to just how valuable intangibles can be when combined with physical ability in football (and any sport).

Ultimately, no matter your opinion on Tom Brady’s skills or legacy in football, it cannot be denied that he is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever—regardless of what his 40-time says.