What Was Mac Jones 40 Time?


What Was Mac Jones 40 Time?

Mac Jones’s fastest 40 time was 4.68 seconds, which he recorded at his college Pro Day at Alabama. This time is considered good for a quarterback and helped him solidify his position as a top prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Jones was drafted 15th overall by the New England Patriots, and many scouts believe he has the potential to be a very successful NFL quarterback.

Is Mac Jones Considered a Mobile Quarterback?

He is considered a pocket passer and is known for his accuracy. Jones has decent speed but is not considered a burner by any means. Despite this, he is able to extend plays with his feet and has shown good mobility in the pocket.

Mac Jones Height & Weight

Mac Jones is a tall quarterback, standing at 6″2 and 5/8 inches. His weight is listed as 205 pounds. Although he is not the tallest quarterback in the NFL, he has a good size for the position.

Mac Jones Hand Size

Mac Jones’s hand size is 9.75 inches or nine and three-quarters of an inch. This is slightly above average for NFL quarterbacks, which is generally considered to be around 9.7 inches. Having a larger hand size can be beneficial for a quarterback, as it gives them a better grip on the ball and makes it easier to throw with accuracy.

Other Pro Day Drills

He also had a strong showing in the three-cone drill, with a time of 7.04 seconds. Jones’ vertical jump of 32 inches and a broad jump of nine feet eight inches were both solid numbers as well.


Mac Jones has the potential to be a good, but not elite, quarterback for the New England Patriots. He has the arm strength and accuracy to make all the throws and the intelligence and poise to succeed in a complex NFL offense. Overall, he has a high floor but a low ceiling at the next level.