What Was Lamar Jackson’s 40-Yard Dash Time?

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What Was Lamar Jackson’s 40 Time?

Lamar Jackson didn’t run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine, but he clocked in at 4.34 seconds on a speed day at Louisville in 2017. It was reported he ran with a turf toe injury, meaning he possibly could have run even faster.

Lamar Jackson Height & Weight

Standing at 6’2″ and weighing 212 pounds, Lamar Jackson is one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in the NFL today. His size, speed, and agility make him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Hand Size

Lamar Jackson’s hand size is 9.5 inches. The average hand size for an NFL quarterback is 9.7 inches. This puts him below the average, but it hasn’t stopped him from being one of the most successful quarterbacks in the league.

How Lamar Jackson Uses His Speed

Defenders must be on their toes when Lamar Jackson has the ball in his hands. His incredible speed and agility make him a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. One of the ways Jackson uses his speed to his advantage is by running what is called read options. This means he can either hand the ball off to a running back or keep it himself, depending on how the defense reacts.

If the defense bites on the handoff, Jackson can keep the ball and run around them for a big gain. If they stay home to defend him, he can hand it off and let his running back take care of the rest. He is also a threat to throw the ball deep downfield, thanks to his strong arm and accuracy. He can take advantage of defenses that are selling out to stop the run by hitting them with a deep pass for a huge gain.

How Is Lamar Jacksons Throwing Ability?

The biggest knock on Jackson’s throwing ability is his accuracy. As he often relies on his athleticism to make plays happen rather than making precise throws. This can sometimes be an issue, but it is not a deal-breaker. Overall, I’d say Jackson is a good thrower. He is not elite, but he is more than capable of leading a team to victory and can be improved with time and experience.

Leadership Ability

Jackson is a natural leader. He’s a confident player, and he can rally his teammates. Lamar also is a smart player and understands the game of football. He’s able to make quick decisions and always seems to be one step ahead of the defense.


Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented players in the NFL. He has all of the physical attributes you want in a quarterback and is an incredible playmaker. He’s also a natural leader and has all of the intangibles you want in a franchise quarterback.

The Ravens are lucky to have him; he should be their starting quarterback for many years.