What Time Do Waiver Claims Clear For NFL Fantasy Football?

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What Time Do Waiver Claims Clear For NFL Fantasy Football?

For ESPN leagues, waivers clear on NFL fantasy football between 3-5 am ET. This is the time when all claims are processed and new players are added to teams. If you have a player that you want to add to your team, make sure to put in a claim before this time. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next waiver period to add them.

What Is a Waiver Claim In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, a waiver claim is a process by which team owners can bid on players who are not currently on any team in the league. The owner with the highest bid is awarded the player, and the amount of the bid is deducted from that owner’s budget for the season.

Players who are available for waiver claims are typically not drafted in the initial draft or those whose teams have recently been released. In some leagues, all players may be eligible for waiver claims at certain points during the season; in others, only players below a certain threshold may be claimed.

Waiver claims can be a useful tool for team owners looking to improve their squad mid-season, but they can also be a source of frustration if another owner snatches up a player you were hoping to get. It’s important to stay active on the waiver wire and keep an eye on which players might be available for claim in your league.

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What’s The Difference Between the Waiver Wire and Free Agency?

Fantasy football waiver wire differs from free agency in a few key ways.

1. Usually For Players Not Currently on any Team’s Roster: This means they may be available to all teams but have not been drafted or signed by any team yet. On the other hand, free agency is typically for players who are already on NFL rosters but may be available to sign with another team.

2. Usually Has Different Rules For How Players Can Be Acquired: For example, in some leagues, teams must put in a claim for a player 24 hours before they are eligible to be picked up by anyone else. In other leagues, the waiver wire works on a first-come, first-served basis, so whoever puts in a claim for a player first gets that player.

3. Players Considered Backups or Depth Players: This is because they are not currently starters on any NFL team. On the other hand, free agency can include starters and backups. This is because free agency is typically for players looking for a new team to play for, regardless of their current role on an NFL roster.


Waivers are an important part of fantasy football, as they allow managers to add players not currently on their roster. They are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and it can take up to 24 hours for claims to be processed.