Truck Day: The Unofficial Start of Red Sox Spring Training

Truck Day

What Is “Truck Day” For The Red Sox?

Each year, Red Sox fans across the country eagerly anticipate a special event that signals the start of spring training: Truck Day. This yearly tradition has become an iconic symbol of hope and anticipation for the upcoming season.

But what exactly is Truck Day? Let’s find out. 

What Happens During Truck Day?   

Truck Day marks the unofficial start of spring training and the new baseball season for the Boston Red Sox and their fans. On February 3rd, fans gather at Fenway Park for a brief ceremony before watching the buses depart for Fort Myers, Florida—where the team will spend six weeks preparing for the season opener against Baltimore on March 30th.

When Was The First Truck Day?

The Red Sox Truck Day is an event that has become an exciting Boston tradition since it first started in 2003. This iconic event has remained a beloved winter fixture in the city of Boston since its inception over 20 years ago and continues to attract enthusiastic fans every year.

What’s In The Truck?

  • 20,400 baseballs
  • 1,100 bats
  • 200 batting gloves
  • 200 batting helmets
  • 320 batting practice tops
  • 160 white game jerseys
  • 300 pairs of pants
  • 400 t-shirts
  • 400 pairs of socks
  • 20 cases of bubble gum
  • 60 cases of sunflower seeds


Truck Day has become one of the most beloved traditions among Boston Red Sox fans over its 20-year history. Every year it serves as a reminder that baseball season is just around the corner and brings excitement and enthusiasm among players and fans alike.

So if you ever find yourself in Boston in early February, keep your eyes peeled—you may catch a glimpse of Wally The Green Monster waving goodbye as he sets off on his journey to Fort Myers.