What Is The “Zero-RB Strategy” In Fantasy Football?

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What Is the Zero-RB Strategy?

The Zero-RB (running back) strategy is based on the idea that running backs are overvalued compared to other positions, such as wide receivers and tight ends.

Instead of drafting a running back early in the draft, a team using the Zero-RB strategy will wait until later rounds to select an RB instead of focusing on WRs and TEs in earlier rounds. This allows you to build depth at other positions while having access to quality running backs later on.

The Benefits of the Zero-RB Strategy

The primary benefit of using this strategy is that it gives you an opportunity to pick up quality players late in the draft that would typically be gone by then if you had drafted a RB early on. This can give your team an edge over others who have gone with more traditional strategies and filled their rosters with RBs early on.

This strategy also allows you to spread your picks throughout different positions rather than banking everything on one or two players at any given position. I’ve used it during my last few drafts, and it’s worked really well.

How Can I Use It Effectively?

One key element of successfully executing this strategy is doing extensive research prior to your draft so you know which players are likely to fall into later rounds that could still provide value for your team. Also, make sure you pay attention to bye weeks so that you don’t end up with too many players off at any given week during the season.

Keep an eye out for potential sleepers or breakout players who could provide unexpected value late in your draft – these are often some of the best values when selecting from later rounds.


The Zero-RB strategy can be a great way for fantasy football owners to gain an edge over their competition by waiting until later rounds before selecting their running backs.

By doing research beforehand and keeping an eye out for potential sleepers or breakout players, you can use this approach effectively and give yourself a better chance at success come game time!