What Is The Statue of Liberty Play In American Football?

statue of liberty play

What Is The Statue of Liberty Play In Football?

Ever heard of the Statue of Liberty play in American football? This trick play is a rare but exciting sight on the field and can turn a game around. With some creativity and quick thinking, you can use this play to surprise your opponents and give your team an edge.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this play so special. 

What is the Statue of Liberty Play? 

The Statue of Liberty play is a trick play used in American football. It involves two players—the quarterback and the receiver—who execute it swiftly and without detection. The quarterback holds the ball behind his back as if he is about to hand it off or throw it while the receiver runs towards the end zone.

As soon as he gets close enough, the quarterback quickly flips his arm up, releasing a forward pass to the receiver, who catches it mid-run for an easy touchdown. This deceptive maneuver often catches opponents off guard because they think they know what’s coming next. 

How To Properly Execute

1. The quarterback should start by faking a handoff to another player. This will help freeze the defense and create an opportunity for the receiver to get open.

2. The receiver should then run toward the end zone while the rest of the team provides blocking. The receiver must stay close to the quarterback to receive the lateral pass.

3. Once the receiver has caught the pass, he should immediately look for an open lane to run into the end zone. If there are no open lanes, he should look to laterally pass the ball to another teammate in a better position to score.

Why Use The Statue Of Liberty Play? 

With its surprise factor, it can also be an excellent way to gain yards when faced with tight coverage from defenders on traditional passing plays. It is also effective against teams expecting a run or pass and isn’t prepared for something more creative like this one. 


The Statue of Liberty play can be an effective tool for any team looking for creative ways to gain yards and score touchdowns when faced with tight coverage from opposing defenses.

It requires precision timing between the quarterback and receiver and can be challenging to execute successfully if not done correctly – but when done right, it can be a game-changer.