What Is The NFL Practice Squad? How Much Do They Make?

practice squad

What Is The Practice Squad In The NFL?

The practice squad in the NFL is a group of players who are not on the active roster of any NFL team but who practice with that team. These players typically have less experience than the team’s active roster and may be signed to shorter contracts. It allows teams to develop young talent and to keep extra players on hand in case of injuries.

How Many Players Are Allowed?

The NFL practice squad is a group of up to 10 players signed by an NFL team. These players are not eligible to play in games but practice with the team and attend team meetings. They may be activated at any time during the season but can only be on the active roster for a maximum of three weeks.

How Much Do NFL Practice Squad Players Make?

Players are paid a minimum salary set by the league each year. For the 2022 season, the minimum salary for these players is $11,500 per week during the 17-week regular season. They are also eligible for certain benefits, such as health insurance and pension contributions.

What Happens When a Player Is Cut From The Roster?

When a player is cut from an NFL practice squad, they are immediately removed from the team’s roster and given 24 hours to sign with another team’s practice squad.

If they do not sign with another team within that timeframe, they become a free agent and can sign with any team’s active roster or practice squad.

How Practice Squad Players Help a Team

While they may not see much playing time, these players play a vital role in helping their team prepare for games and develop their skills. Here’s a look at what practice squad players do:

1. They help run plays during practice.

2. They provide an extra body for scout team purposes.

3. They fill in on special teams units.

4. They are often called up to the active roster throughout the season.

5. They help with game day preparations, such as setting up the practice field and taking care of team equipment.

6. They are often asked to do extra work with the coaching staff, such as specific techniques or plays.

7. They provide support for the active roster players and act as a sounding board for the coaching staff.

8. They sometimes travel with the team to away games, even if they don’t dress for the game.

9. They are always ready to step in and play if needed.

10. They are an important part of any NFL team.


NFL practice squad players are paid per week that they are on the roster, and they can earn a maximum of $11,500 for an NFL season. These players usually have some experience in the league but were not quite good enough to make the 53-man roster.