What Is The Most Penalties In One NFL Game?


What Is The Most Penalties In One NFL Game?

On October 17, 1976, the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers squared off in what would become the most penalized game in NFL history. A total of 39 penalties were called, resulting in 310 yards worth of penalties. This record still stands today.

The Seahawks ended up winning the game 13-10 in one of the sloppiest games in the history of the NFL.

Why Are Penalties Called In an NFL Game?

Penalties are called in a game when players break regulations set by the National Football League (NFL). Depending on the severity of the penalty, officials may call for a five-yard or fifteen-yard penalty, which pushes back their team’s scoring and play.

Common infractions include holding, pass interference, false start, illegal contact, and unnecessary roughness. Unfortunately for NFL teams, even one penalty can potentially result in a loss since some games are so competitively matched that every opposing yard matters.

Knowing this fact beforehand is key to understanding why players strive to remain disciplined. At the same time, they compete and why penalties are such an integral part of criticism and analysis after each game.

Watching These Games Can Be Difficult For Fans

Watching a game of football can be really exciting, but when it comes with a lot of penalties, it can quickly become agonizing. They can also prolong the game and disrupt exciting plays as teams are forced to start over after unnecessary time-outs. False starts are also far too frequent in games making progress difficult for both teams.

Furthermore, calls that seem dubious trick fans into believing they have witnessed a miracle catch only to take the play away upon review. Ultimately, watching a football game with a lot of penalties is exhausting and disappointing for those who want to see constant action.