What Is The Distance Shot In Olympic Archery?


How Long Do Olympic Archers Shoot?

Olympic archers shoot at a target 70 meters away. The outermost ring of the target is worth 10 points, and each successive ring is worth 9, 8, 7, and so on, with the innermost bullseye being worth 5 points.

To score a point, the arrow must stick to the target; arrows that bounce off or fall to the ground are not counted. If two or more arrows land in the same scoring zone, only the arrow closest to the target’s center is counted. 

Types of Olympic Archery Events

There are two types of Olympic archery events: individual and team. In the individual event, each archer competes alone, while in the team event, each nation fields a team of three archers. The team event is further divided into two rounds: qualifying and eliminations. 

In the qualifying round, each team shoots 36 arrows (with each archer shooting 12), and the cumulative score is used to seed the teams for the eliminations. The top eight teams after the qualifying round advance to the quarterfinals. From there, it’s down to four teams in the semifinals and then two teams in the finals. The eliminations are single Elimination format: lose one match, and you’re out.

How Long Has Archery Been In The Olympics?

Archery has been a part of the Olympic Games for almost as long as the modern Olympics have been in existence. The sport was included in the second-ever games in Paris in 1900 and has been featured in every Summer Olympics since then, except in 1904 and 1928.

Women’s archery was not added to the Olympics until 1972 but has been included in every games since then. Archery is also a part of the Paralympic Games, which were first held in 1960. Today, archery remains a popular sport at both the Olympic and Paralympic level, with athletes from all over the world competing for medals.