What Is The “DH” In Baseball?

David Ortiz

What Is A DH In Baseball?

The designated hitter, or DH, is a position in baseball introduced in 1973 where the DH bats in place of the pitcher and do not play in the field. Instead, their sole purpose is to provide offensive production.

You usually see older players take the DH spot or players who can hit but struggle on the field. Some teams use it as a day to get their players off their feet and have a semi-day off. Baseball purists argue that the DH takes away from the game’s strategy, as managers must now decide when to use their pitchers as batters and when to bring in pinch hitters.

But I believe it has helped the game more than anything with the added batter—nothing worse than seeing your team build a rally just for the pitcher to ruin it.

National League Gets DH In 2022

In 2022, the National League will have a DH, meaning that each team will have a player who bats in the designated hitter spot in the lineup. This change is being made to increase offense, make the game more exciting for fans, and help increase attendance.

Two Reasons Why I Like The DH

The DH is good for baseball because it can add more offense. Pitchers are often not very good at hitting, so having a designated hitter batting in their place can often lead to more runs being scored. I find this can make the games more exciting to watch and more competitive.

It also gives managers more flexibility in their lineup. With a designated hitter in the lineup, the manager can choose to put any player he wants in the lineup. This allows for a more strategic approach and can often lead to a more exciting game.


The DH has been a part of baseball for over 40 years, and it doesn’t look like it will go away soon. Some people love it, others hate it- but everyone seems to have an opinion about the designated hitter rule.

What do you think? Is the DH good for baseball? Do you prefer watching traditional nine-inning games where both pitchers hit or favor the current system where one player can bat for an entire team? I want to hear your thoughts! Let me know what you think in the comments below.