What Is The Attacker In Lacrosse?

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What Is The Attacker In Lacrosse?

A lacrosse attacker is a player who tries to score goals for their team. Attackers typically have good stick skills and are quick on their feet. They often play close to the goal, so they can shoot or pass the ball to a teammate in a better position to score.

Dodgers, Feeders, & Shooters

There are a variety of different types of attackers in lacrosse, each with its own unique skills and strategies. The most common types of attackers are dodgers, feeders, and shooters.

Dodgers: Typically, the most athletic players on the field use their speed and agility to avoid defenders and create space for themselves.

Feeders: Are the playmakers of the group, using their vision and passing ability to set up their teammates for scoring opportunities.

Shooters: Are the primary goal-scorers on the team, using their accuracy and power to put the ball in the back of the net.

Strength & Weaknesses

Each type of attacker has its own strengths and weaknesses, so teams must balance all three to succeed. For example, a team that relies too heavily on dodgers may struggle to score when the defense is able to contain them. Similarly, a team that depends too much on shooters may find it difficult to create scoring chances if the opposition takes away their space.

The best teams can effectively utilize all three types of attackers, depending on the situation. This requires communication and coordination between the players and a good understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Any team can be dangerous on the offensive end with the right mix of talent and teamwork.

Necessary Skills

Ability To Shoot Accurately: A player who can consistently place their shots on target will always give their team a chance to win, regardless of the situation.

Ability To Dodge Defenders: Using evasive maneuvers, an attacker can create space for themselves and open up shooting opportunities. Defenders often back off if they feel they cannot stay with an attacking player, which can be a very effective tactic.

Good Vision & Awareness of The Field: By understanding where all the players are on the field, attackers can better decide when to shoot and when to pass. This is an essential skill for any lacrosse player, but it is especially important for attackers who must constantly think about creating scoring opportunities.


In conclusion, an attacker is one of the three main positions in lacrosse. They are responsible for scoring goals and leading the offensive attack. Attackers need to be quick, agile and have good hand-eye coordination.

If you are thinking about playing lacrosse, or are already on a team, consider trying out for the attacker position!