What Is The Ashes Trophy?

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What Is The Ashes Trophy?

Cricket is a beloved sport played all around the world, and one of its most iconic trophies is the Ashes. This symbol of cricketing excellence has a history that dates back nearly 150 years and is contested between two storied rivals, England and Australia.

Let’s explore what makes this trophy so unique. 

The Origin of the Ashes Trophy 

The Ashes trophy traces its roots back to 1882 when Australia defeated England in an unexpected upset at The Oval in London. The London newspaper The Sporting Times declared that English cricket had died, and “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.” This loss was so shocking that it led to a mock obituary for English cricket, hence the naming of the trophy as “The Ashes.” 

Since then, there have been 72 official Test series between England and Australia, with England having 32 wins and Australia having 34. Each series consists of five matches, with each team playing twice on home soil before coming together for one final match at a neutral venue. The winner of this fifth match takes home the coveted Ashes trophy and bragging rights until their next meeting, which usually takes place about 18 months later. 

What Is Inside The Trophy? 

The iconic Urn stands just over ten inches tall, is made from terracotta, and reportedly contains a burning mixture of Australian soil, incense, and rubber cement (because why not?). However, it contains no actual ashes or has ever been added since its inception in 1883.

Instead, it serves as a reminder of how special each contest between two great nations can be—a shared passion for cricketing excellence regardless of borders or boundaries.  


The Ashes trophy is an icon in international sport—a symbol of passion, pride, respect, and friendship that has stood the test over nearly 150 years. Its origin story may be steeped in disappointment, but its legacy will live on forever as long as these two great nations unite every few years to battle it for sporting glory.

Whether you are an avid follower or just interested in learning more about this remarkable piece of sporting history, there is no doubt that the Ashes Trophy remains one of cricket’s most cherished symbols!