What Is The 7th Inning Stretch In Baseball?

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What Is The 7th Inning Stretch In Baseball?

The 7th inning stretch is a baseball tradition between the top and bottom halves of the 7th inning. The purpose of the stretch is to give the players a chance to rest and recover from the game. It also allows fans to get up and move around, which can help them stay focused and engaged in the game.

History of the 7th Inning Stretch 

The origins of this beloved tradition date back as far as 1910 when President William Taft was in attendance at a Washington Senators game. Legend has it that he stood up during the seventh inning to stretch his legs and other people followed suit out of respect for him.

This story has since become part of American folklore, though no concrete evidence proves its veracity. 

Popular 7th Inning Stretch Songs

7th inning stretch songs are a crucial part of any baseball game. They help to pump up the crowd and keep them entertained during what can be a long game. Many songs can be used for this purpose, but some are more popular than others.

Here are some of the most popular songs:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – This classic song is one of the most popular baseball songs. It is sung at almost every baseball game and gets the crowd pumped up.

YMCA” – This song is popular and always gets people dancing. It is a great way to get the crowd moving and keep them entertained.

We Will Rock You” – This song is a great choice if you want to get the crowd pumped up. It is sure to get them on their feet and cheering loudly.


The 7th inning stretch is a beloved baseball tradition that has been passed down through generations and embraced by millions around the world. Whether you believe its origin story or not, there’s no denying that it adds something special to every game and helps bring people together to celebrate this great sport.

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