What Is The 40-Yard Dash?

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What Is The 40-Yard Dash?

The 40-yard dash is a sprint often used to measure the speed and athleticism of football players. The dash is run from a standing start, and the athlete has 40 yards to reach the finish line. The time it takes to complete the dash is typically measured in tenths of a second, and the faster an athlete can run it, the better.

Fastest 40-Yard Dash Ever

Maurice Greene, an Olympian athlete, is the fastest recorded 40-yard dash as of 2022. This occurred during his 60-meter run of 6.33 (Also a world record); Green crossed the 40-yard mark at 4.18.

Is The Drill a Good Measure Of Someone’s Speed?

The 40-yard dash is a sprint, and sprinting is not the same as running. The average person can run a mile in about eight minutes, but it would take them much longer to sprint that distance. So, while the 40-yard dash may be a good measure of someone’s sprinting ability, it’s not necessarily an accurate measure of their overall speed.

What’s Considered a Good 40-Yard Dash Time?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different sports have different standards for a good 40-yard dash time. However, generally speaking, a good time would be anything under 4.5 seconds for men and 5.0 seconds for women.

Of course, there will always be outliers, and some people may be able to run at a faster or slower time, depending on their physiology and athletic ability.

How To Properly Run a 40-Yard Dash

1. Start from a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Lower your body into a squatting position, keeping your weight on your heels.

3. Swing your arms back and forth to generate momentum.

4. When you’re ready, explosively jump forward, driving through your heels and extending your legs fully.

5. As you reach the end of the dash, pump your arms and drive through with your legs to achieve maximum speed.

Tips To Improve Your Time

Start With a Strong Foundation/Have Good Running Form: Good form includes maintaining a tall posture, keeping your head up, and swinging your arms back and forth.

Build Up Your Speed Gradually: Don’t try to go all out from the start; this will tire you out quickly. Instead, start with shorter sprints and gradually increase the distance.

Improve Your Acceleration By Working on Your Starting Technique: When you’re in the starting position, make sure your weight is balanced and that you have a good grip on the ground. When the gun goes off, explode out of the blocks and into your sprint.

Stay Relaxed While Running: Tensing up will make you slower. Focus on pumping your arms and keeping a strong rhythm.

Practice Regularly: The more you practice, the better you’ll become at sprinting. Make sure to warm up before each session and cool down afterward.


To summarize, the 40-yard dash is a sprinting exercise used to measure an athlete’s speed and explosiveness. This test is important for football players because it measures the ability to accelerate, change directions, and stop quickly – all essential skills for playing the game.

While the 40-yard dash may seem simple, it can be difficult to master. However, with practice and proper training, any athlete can improve their time and become a better player on the field.