What Is Taking A “Flier” Mean In Fantasy Football

Rhamondre Stevenson

What Does It Mean To Take A Flier on A Player?

Taking a flier means taking a risk on an unknown player who could excel but might not live up to your expectations. This strategy can be especially useful late in the draft when teams are looking for players with potential. It involves selecting unknown or less experienced players who could become surprise stars of the season.

The upside of this approach is that you can get real value from these sleeper picks and make your team stronger without using one of your higher draft picks.

Deciding If A Player Is Worth The Pick

1. Look at the player’s stats from previous seasons and see if they show any signs of improvement or regression in their performance over time.

2. Pay attention to where they were drafted and how much money they earned in their previous contracts. This gives insight into whether or not they’re likely to perform well this season.

3. Take note of their coaches and teammates; if they have strong support from those around them, there’s a good chance that the player will succeed. 

When Should You Take A Flier?

When taking a flier on a player, the key to success lies in knowing which situation calls for it and which doesn’t. Generally speaking, taking a flier should only be done when there are no clear selections. Or if there’s someone available who has incredible upside potential even though their previous performance hasn’t been great due to circumstances beyond their control (such as injury or bad situation).

Also, if you find yourself near the end of your draft and have few picks left but still need to fill certain positions, consider taking some risks on low-cost players instead of just selecting whoever’s left on the board. This way, you could get more bang for your buck than merely settling for what’s left on the board.

How Taking A Flier Has Benefited My Team

I decided to take a flier on Rhamondre Stevenson this year in my fantasy football league. Many said he wouldn’t have enough chances sharing time with Damian Harris, but I liked his potential and thought he could be a sleeper pick. I’m glad I took the chance on him because he’s been one of the best players on my team (PPR League).

He’s been a consistent scorer and has helped me win a lot of games I wouldn’t have won otherwise. I’m currently in first place in my league, and I believe that Rhamondre Stevenson has been a big reason why.

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