What Is Slow Rolling In Poker?


What Is Slow Rolling In Poker?

Slow rolling is a controversial move in poker that is generally considered bad etiquette. It occurs when a player takes a long time to make a very strong play, often leading to their opponent making a mistake out of frustration.

While slow rolling can occasionally be used as a legitimate strategy to disorient or frustrate an opponent, it is generally considered poor sportsmanship. It can lead to bad feelings at the table.

When Does It Occur?

The most common is when a player takes a long time to show their hand after it is clear they have won the pot. This can be done by acting like they are unsure what to do or pretending to count their chips for a long time.

Another way to slow roll is to make a big show of thinking about a call or raise, even when it is obvious that you should make a move. This can be done by sighing loudly, taking a long time to count your chips, or making other exaggerated motions.

Bad Etiquette

Frustrating For Your Opponents: Imagine if you had just lost a big pot and then had to sit there and watch your opponent show their hand. It would be very annoying and might even make you want to tilt.

Can Give Your Opponents Information about Your Hand: If you show your hand too quickly, your opponents might be able to figure out what you have. But if you take a long time to show your hand, they will be left guessing, which can give you a significant advantage in future hands.

Few Situations Where Slow Rolling Might Be Acceptable: One is if you are sure that your opponents are already tilting and you think taking your time will make them tilt even more. Another is if you are playing against very bad players who are likely to make mistakes no matter what you do.


If you’re playing poker and are considering slow rolling, think about the player you’re up against. It might be worth taking a chance if they’re a tight player who is difficult to read.

However, you might want to play it safe if they’re loose or aggressive. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not to slow roll comes down to knowing your opponent and understanding what their tells are.