What Is Playoff Percentage In Fantasy Football?

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What Is Playoff Percentage In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, a playoff percentage is a number that indicates how likely a team is to make the playoffs. It is calculated by dividing the number of teams in the league and dividing it by the number of teams with a better record than the team in question. For example, if there are 12 teams in the league and only 10 have a better record, then the P% for that team would be 10/12, or 83%.

Why Playoff Percentage Is Helpful In Fantasy

Whether in a dynasty league or a redraft league, knowing your team’s playoff chances can be helpful in making decisions throughout the season. If your team is out of contention in dynasty leagues, you may want to start looking toward next season and trading away some of your assets for future picks.

In redraft leagues, if your team is fighting for a playoff spot, you may want to make a move to improve your roster.

Why Playoff Percentage Is Not Perfect

The playoff percentage can be useful for gauging a team’s chances of making the playoffs, but it is not perfect. One problem is that it does not take into account tiebreakers, which can often be critical in determining who makes the playoffs and who does not.

It also does not account for the fact that some teams may be more likely to win their division than others. For example, a team in a weak division might have a higher playoff percentage than a team in a strong division, even though the latter team is actually more likely to make the playoffs.


Despite its imperfections, the playoff percentage can still be a helpful tool for fantasy football owners. It can give them an idea of how likely their team is to make the playoffs and help them make decisions about trades, waiver pickups, and other strategic moves.