What Is One-On-One Pass Rush In American Football?

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What Is One-On-One Pass Rush In Football?

A one-on-one pass rush is a defensive strategy used in football to put pressure on the quarterback. It involves sending only one player, such as a defensive end or outside linebacker, to rush the quarterback and disrupt the play.

This can be an effective way for a defense to stop a team’s passing attack and force them into making mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at how this works and why it can be so effective. 

Benefit 1: It Allows The Defense To Get More Aggressive 

You can do this without sacrificing numbers elsewhere on the field. By sending just one player to rush the passer, the rest of the defense can stay in coverage and help out with any potential run plays or scrambles by the quarterback. This means they can focus more on stopping those plays while putting pressure on the quarterback with just one rusher. 

Benefit 2: Puts Focus on a Single Defender

This puts tremendous pressure on that defender and allows them to succeed if they can beat their man off the line. It also allows them to show off their skills as individual defenders, as they will be largely responsible for getting past their blocker and disrupting the play. 

Benefit 3: Useful When Defending Against Mobile Quarterbacks 

It’s great when you’re playing against a quarterback with a good scrambling ability or who likes to use bootlegs or rollouts during passing plays.

Using a one-on-one pass rush, you can keep defenders back in coverage while still having someone there who can close down quickly should the quarterback decide to scramble or attempt a run play instead. This helps ensure that your defense won’t be caught off guard if your opponent decides to go off-script with their playcalling.  


Overall, a one-on-one pass rush can be an effective way for defenses to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks without sacrificing too many numbers elsewhere in coverage or against potential run plays.

Consider using a one-on-one pass rush in your game plan if you’re looking for an aggressive yet calculated way for your defense to disrupt opposing offenses.