What Is “Garbage Time” In Fantasy Football?

garbage time

What Is “Garbage Time” In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, garbage time describes the period at the end of a game when one team has already secured a victory and has nothing left to play for. During this period, the winning team typically pulls its starters and substitutes in players that do not normally see much playing time. This allows these lesser-known players to score points and rack up yards—these points can add up! 

Suppose you wisely chose some of these benchwarmers as part of your fantasy lineup, and they get into a game during garbage time. In that case, you could benefit from their increased production due to extra playing time. For example, if your quarterback collects 300 passing yards in the fourth quarter alone—after only having 200 total passing yards for the entire game—then those extra 100 yards could be worth many points for your fantasy team.

How Can You Take Advantage of Garbage Time? 

The key to taking advantage of garbage time is being prepared. Before each week’s games start, take some time to research which teams are favored to win and which teams may have lower-tier players who could benefit from increased playing time if their better teammates are pulled early due to a sizeable lead.

Once you know which players may help you in garbage time, make sure you choose them as part of your starting lineup so that you can reap any potential rewards if they do indeed get into some late-game action. For example, the past few years, I had Kirk Cousins on my roster as a quarterback. He would rack up a lot of points in garbage time and help me win my matchup even though their team wasn’t winning.


Overall, it can be an effective strategy for helping your fantasy football team succeed, provided you plan ahead by researching potential candidates who could benefit from increased playing opportunities due to a substantial lead held by their respective teams. Doing so will increase your chances of finding hidden gems that could give your team just enough extra oomph when it matters most.