What Is Free Agent Auction Budget (FAAB) In Fantasy Baseball?


What is Free Agent Auction Budget? 

Free Agent Auction Budget, or FAAB, is a fantasy league system where team owners bid on free agents using an allotted amount of money. The bidding process works similarly to an auction house; the highest bidder wins the free agent player, and their bid price is deducted from their overall budget.

Team owners must manage their budget wisely throughout the season to ensure they can still afford players that become available through trades or injuries. 

How Does It Work? 

When a team owner wants to add a free agent player, they submit a bid for that player, which is compared against bids from other teams in the league. The highest bidder wins the free agent player, and their bid amount is deducted from their budget.

The winning bidder also gets any remaining amounts from other teams’ lower bids. For example, if one team bids $10 and another bid $5, the winning team would get the player at $10 while getting the other $5 back into their budget. 

How Are Budgets Set?

FAAB budgets are typically set before each season so that everyone knows how much money they have available for bidding on players during each week of play. This allows teams to plan and adjust their strategies accordingly depending on who becomes available on waivers or due to injuries or trades throughout a season. 

The amount of money available for FAAB bidding varies between leagues; some leagues may only allow a few hundred dollars, while others might allow up to several thousand dollars per team per year.

Many leagues also add restrictions such as limiting how much money can be spent on any one player (e.g., no more than $50) or limiting how many times each team can use its entire FAAB budget (e.g., no more than three times). 

Three Important Tips

After being in an auction-style draft league for almost a decade now, I’ve learned that successfully managing your budget during an auction-style draft is key to winning your league. Here are some of my tips for managing your free agent auction budget in fantasy baseball.

Tip 1: Know Your Players 

The first step towards creating an effective budget for your fantasy baseball team is to know the players you are bidding on. Researching each player’s stats, trends and injuries will help you determine how much money you should be willing to spend on them.

Also, make sure you look at how much other teams are willing to pay for specific players, as this will indicate what kind of bidding wars you may be up against. 

Tip 2: Set a Maximum Bid Price 

Once you have researched the players, setting a maximum bid price before entering any auctions is important. This will ensure you stay within your budget and avoid overspending on any player.

Setting a maximum bid price also helps prevent bidding wars with other owners, which can quickly deplete your budget and leave you struggling when it comes time to fill out the rest of your roster. 

Tip 3: Be Prepared To Walk Away

Sometimes bidding wars happen even when you have set a maximum bid price. If another owner is willing to go higher than your max bid price, let them have the player and focus on other targets in which there isn’t as much competition.

In these cases, it’s important not to get caught up in the heat of the moment and instead be prepared to walk away if necessary.


Managing your free agent auction budget in fantasy baseball can be challenging, but with proper research and preparation, it can be done effectively. I’ve been able to win my league two of the last three seasons by having a strategy going into auction day.

Knowing who you are bidding on, setting a maximum bid price, and being prepared to walk away from bids that exceed your budget will all help ensure that you stay within your limits while still getting the best possible players for your team.