What Is Foursomes Format In Golf?

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What Is Foursomes Format? 

Foursomes format, also known as “alternate shot,” is a team golf game where two players work together to complete each hole. Each player hits their ball from the tee box and chooses which one to use for the second shot.

After that, they alternate who hits from which ball until the hole is finished. The scoring system is identical to regular stroke play, meaning that each player counts their score for each hole toward their team’s total score. 

Benefits of Foursomes Format 

One of the main advantages of playing foursomes format over other team formats like best ball or scramble is that it allows players to practice teamwork throughout the round.

By working together as a unit, players can learn more about themselves and their partner’s strengths on the course. To be successful in this game format, teammates must communicate clearly and decide on strategies beforehand. 

It also keeps players engaged throughout all 18 holes since they will constantly be hitting shots during each hole (not just every fourth or fifth hole). This means that both players will stay focused on their game plan and strategy throughout the entire round instead of losing interest after several holes have gone by without them hitting any shots. 


Pay Attention To Your Team’s Strengths & Weaknesses: If one member is consistently outdriving the others, having that player tee off on every hole may make sense. Conversely, if one member is struggling with their accuracy, it may be best to let them hit second or third so they can redeem themselves.

Make Sure Everyone Is on The Same Page: Before each shot, take a few seconds to discuss what everyone will do. This will help ensure that everyone is hitting their shots in the right order and working together as a team.


Foursomes format in golf can be great fun for teams looking for a new way to enjoy this classic sport! By alternating shots between partners, everyone stays engaged throughout all 18 holes while also having opportunities to practice teamwork and communication skills on the course.

With its equal scoring system and plenty of room for creativity when forming strategies, foursomes could be just what your group needs to bring some excitement back into your rounds.