What Is “DST” In Fantasy Football?

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What is Defense in Fantasy Football? 

If you’re a fantasy football fan, you’ve probably heard of “DST” at one point or another. DST stands for defense and is integral to successful fantasy football teams. You may have wondered what it stands for and why it is important to understand the game.

Let’s dive into what defense means in fantasy football and why it is so important. 

How Does Defense Impact Your Team? 

Defense in fantasy football can be defined as any defensive position on an NFL team, such as linebackers, cornerbacks, safeties, etc. These players are responsible for stopping the opposing offense from scoring points — and they are also capable of scoring points themselves if they intercept a pass or tackle a quarterback in the end zone.

The same applies to your fantasy football team; if your chosen defense scores points by tackling or intercepting passes, those points will be awarded to your team total.    

Choose Wisely 

Choosing defenses wisely can give you an edge over other teams in your league – especially if you’re playing against someone who overlooks this critical component of their roster.

It’s important to look at matchups between teams when choosing which ones to include on your roster. For example, if one team has a great offense but a weak defense, then you might want to select their opponents’ defense instead so that you can benefit from the extra points they generate against that particular team each week.

Also, look at player stats such as sacks and interceptions when selecting defenses to get an idea of how well they perform overall during games.    

Other Tips To Help Choose The Right DST

Look at The Matchup: Check out who the defense is playing against and how they have performed against that team in the past. If the defense is playing a team, they have succeeded against; they are more likely to do well again.

Check Out The News: See if any injuries or suspensions will impact the defense’s performance. If a key player is out, it could affect how well the defense plays.

Consider The Weather: If the forecast calls for bad weather, that could impact how well the defense plays. A defense playing in inclement weather may not be as effective as in ideal conditions.

Look at The Vegas Line: The line can give you an idea of how well the defense is expected to perform. If the line is unfavorable for the defense, it may be best to avoid them.

Trust Your Gut: Sometimes, you must go with your gut feeling. If you feel good about a particular defense, go with it.


Defense plays an essential role in successful fantasy football teams because these players are responsible for providing additional points through tackles and interceptions – something that offensive positions cannot do alone.

When selecting defenders for your team, pay attention to matchups between teams as well as player stats like sacks and interceptions so that you can choose wisely and give yourself an edge over other teams in your league.