What Is Collusion In Fantasy Football?


What is Collusion? 

Simply put, collusion occurs when two or more owners act together to gain an unfair advantage over other teams in the league. This can include sharing team information, trading players for non-football-related reasons (such as friendship), or planning trades between teams owned by the same person. These activities are strictly prohibited from keeping the game fair for all participants. 

It can also have severe consequences if it goes unchecked. For example, if one owner can acquire multiple high-value players through unlawful means, they could easily win the entire league without real effort. This makes it difficult for everyone else in the league to compete on a level playing field. That’s why it’s so important that every fantasy football league takes steps to prevent collusion from occurring. 

How Can We Prevent Collusion? 

The best way to prevent collusion is by having clear rules and regulations outlined before the season begins. These rules should state that any suspicious activity will not be tolerated, and any participant found guilty of colluding with another team may face serious consequences. Such as disqualification from the league or even legal action depending on the severity of the violation.

Owners should also be made aware that they should report any suspicious activity immediately so that it can be investigated promptly and appropriately handled by league officials if necessary.


Collusion in fantasy football is a serious issue that must be taken seriously and addressed swiftly if discovered. By having clear rules laid out before the season starts and making sure everyone understands them—as well as encouraging people to report any suspicious activity.