What Is Bonus Scoring In Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football

What Is Bonus Scoring? 

Bonus scoring rewards players for exceptional performances on the field. This method of awarding points helps differentiate between two quarterbacks who may have the same number of passing yards but still perform differently during that game.

For example, when a quarterback throws four touchdowns in one game, they are awarded additional points based on their performance. These bonus scores are typically set at the beginning of the season, so teams know exactly which criteria will be rewarded with extra points at each position. 

When Should I Use It? 

In some leagues, bonus scores can be used as tiebreakers if two teams end the season with an equal number of points. It can also help separate players with similar stats at different positions – such as quarterbacks and wide receivers – when trying to decide which one to start for your team.

Understanding which bonus scores will apply to your team’s players can help you draft smarter by selecting those with higher potential bonuses over those who don’t offer as much upside in that area. 

How Do I Set Up Bonus Scoring? 

The most important part of setting up bonus scoring is making sure everyone in your league agrees on which criteria should be rewarded and how much each bonus should be worth.

From there, each player should be assigned values that reflect their performance throughout the season – such as touchdowns scored or total yards gained – and these values should then be added up at the end of each week to determine who has earned bonus points and how many they have earned.

Keep in mind that while some standard categories are used for bonus scoring (such as passing yards or rushing touchdowns), leagues can also modify these categories to suit their own needs – so don’t be afraid to get creative!  


Bonus scoring can add an extra layer of complexity and strategy to your fantasy football league by rewarding outstanding performances on the field with extra points for individual players. It can also help differentiate between two players who might have similar numbers but still perform differently during a game or even throughout an entire season.

When deciding whether or not to use bonus scoring in your league, it’s important to make sure everyone is on board with how it will work and what kind of bonuses they want to award before getting started – otherwise, things could get confusing fast.