What Is an “Undroppable Player” In Fantasy Football?


What Is an “Undroppable Player” In Fantasy Football?

An undroppable player is someone who can’t be dropped from your team, regardless of their performance on the field. This means they will remain on your roster and count towards your total points even if they don’t play well or don’t play at all.

These players are usually very reliable and consistent performers who have proven themselves time and time again. They are also typically expensive/high draft picks that require a lot of resources to acquire, so it makes sense why they would be “undroppable” once you have them on your team. 

Undroppable players may also be chosen due to their position on the field or their potential upside. For example, you select a top quarterback early in the draft (Patrick Mahomes). In that case, it likely means he will be one of your undroppable players since quarterbacks often produce the most points out of any position in fantasy football. 

Protected Players

Some leagues may designate certain players as “protected,” which means they cannot be dropped for any reason, even if they are underperforming or injured for a long time.

This prevents teams from taking advantage of other teams by dropping valuable assets during critical times to improve their situation or give themselves an edge over another team’s roster composition. The number of protected players allowed per league varies depending on the rules set forth by each league commissioner or organizer. 

Bottom Line

Understanding what an undroppable player is in fantasy football can help ensure that you make wise decisions when building your team and competing against opponents throughout the season.

It’s also worth noting that some leagues offer protection for certain players, but other leagues do not allow it, so always double-check before committing any resources to acquire these types of players for your roster.