What Is an Eephus Pitch In Baseball?

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What Is an Eephus Pitch In Baseball?

The eephus pitch is a very slow, low-arcing pitch often used as a surprise element by pitchers. It is typically thrown in situations where the pitcher wants to disrupt the batter’s timing, such as when there are two strikes, and the batter is expecting a fastball.

The eephus pitch can be tough to hit, but it can also be easy for batters to hit if they are able to time it correctly.

Is It an Effective Pitch To Throw?

The answer is yes and no. The pitch can be very effective in certain situations, but it can also be easily hit if the batter expects it. One of the benefits of the pitch is that it can surprise hitters expecting a faster pitch. If a pitcher throws an eephus pitch after a few fastballs, the hitter may be caught off-guard and miss the ball entirely.

However, the pitch can also be ineffective if the batter expects it. Because the pitch is so slow, experienced hitters can often time their swing perfectly and hit the ball hard. Generally, the pitch is most effective when used as a surprise weapon. It can be a very effective tool if a pitcher can catch a hitter off-guard with an eephus pitch.

How Did The Eephus Pitch Get Its Name?

The Eephus pitch is a very slow, looping curveball that is sometimes used as a surprise pitch. It gets its name from a Greek mythological character named Eephus, known for his cunning tricks. The pitch was first thrown by Rip Sewell of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1930s, and it has been used sporadically by other pitchers since then.

How To Throw An Eephus Pitch

Start by holding the ball in your hand with your fingers spread out to throw an eephus pitch. Then, bring your arm up so your elbow is at shoulder level and your hand is behind your head.

From this position, snap your wrist forward and release the ball. The key to throwing an effective eephus pitch is to release the ball as late as possible. This will make the ball appear to float toward the plate, making it very difficult for the batter to hit.

You can try the knuckleball grip if you want to throw an even slower eephus pitch. Hold the ball with your fingers curled around the seams to do this. Then, release the ball without snapping your wrist forward. The lack of spin on the ball will make it float harder for the batter to hit.

Tips For Hitting an Eephus Pitch

Keep Your Eye on The Ball: The key to hitting any pitch is to keep your eye on the ball and track it as closely as possible. This is especially true for the eephus pitch, which can be difficult to pick up.

Wait For The Right Moment: The pitch doesn’t have much speed behind it, so you must be patient and wait for the right moment to swing. Timing is everything with this pitch.

Swing Early: Because the eephus pitch doesn’t have a lot of speed, you need to swing early in order to make contact. If you wait too long, you’ll either miss the ball completely or hit it weakly.

Keep Your Weight Back: As with any pitch, you want to keep your weight back and balanced when hitting an eephus pitch. This will help you generate more power and avoid striking out.

Is The Eephus Pitch Legal In MLB?

Yes, it’s 100% legal to throw the pitch in the majors.