What Is an Auction Draft In Fantasy Football?

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What is an Auction Draft? 

An auction draft is a fantasy sports draft where each team has a predetermined budget to acquire players. Instead of a traditional snake-style draft, teams use their budget to bid on players in an open auction format. The team that wins the bid gets the player, and it’s deducted from their overall budget.

Let’s look at how an auction draft works, the benefits of using this style, and tips for success. 

How it Works 

An auction draft follows the same structure as any other fantasy sports league where teams select players for their roster. Each team starts with a predetermined budget (for example, $200 per team) which they can use to purchase players from the available player pool.

To “purchase” someone, a team must place the highest bid on that particular player. The goal is to build a competitive roster while staying within your budget. 


The biggest benefit of using an auction draft over a traditional snake-style draft is that it allows all teams in the league equal access to any given player pool. This means you don’t have to worry about competing with another team over getting your top pick since everyone has access to every player they want.

Also, since each team has its own budget, you don’t have to worry about having too many expensive players on your roster or not having enough funds left over after selecting your starting lineup. You can also be more strategic when bidding on players by considering their individual value versus other players in the same position or tier level. 


Takes Longer Than a Traditional Snake Draft: This is because each player must be individually auctioned off, which can take a lot of time if there are a large number of owners in the league. 

More Chaotic Than Traditional Drafts: Owners may get into bidding wars for certain players. This can lead to owners overspending on certain players and ending up with an unbalanced team. 

May Not Be Suitable For Beginners: They can be more difficult to understand and manage than traditional drafts. If you’re new to fantasy football, try a regular snake draft first.

Tips for Success 

Once you understand how an auction draft works and have created your own budget plan, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when participating in one:  

Know What Positions You Need Filled: Before bidding on any player, make sure you know which positions you still need covered so you stay within your allocated funds before filling out your starting lineup.

Research: Be sure to research ahead of time to familiarize yourself with who is available and their expected value compared to others at similar positions/tier levels. This will help inform your decision-making and ensure you get value from every dollar spent during the bidding phase.

Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate: If two teams are interested in one particular player, try negotiating with each other instead of going through an all-out bidding war if possible – this way, both teams can save money while still getting what they want.


An auction draft is a unique way to do a fantasy football draft. If you have never done one before, I suggest you give it a try if you’re looking for a new experience. You can build the team that YOU want this way without worrying about what pick you are in or who someone else might take before you. It’s a different experience but really fun.

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