What Is a Wedge Bounce In Golf?

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What Is a Wedge Bounce?

A wedge bounce is an angle between the leading edge of a golf club’s sole and the ground when the club is resting on the turf. The bounce angle helps determine how much the club will “skip” or “bounce” when it hits the ground, affecting how well it will glide through the grass.

A higher angle means the club will skip or bounce more when it hits the ground, while a lower angle means gliding more smoothly. Wedges with a high degree of bounce are often used by golfers who play on softer courses with thicker grass, as they help prevent the club from getting stuck in the turf.

However, too much can make it difficult to control the club, so choosing one with the right angle for your game and the conditions you’ll be playing in is important.

The Benefits of Having High Wedge Bounce 

Increased Forgiveness & Accuracy: Designed with a heavier weight in their heads, which helps generate more lift as they come into contact with shots around the green. This helps reduce spin and prevents too much backspin, which can cause shots to roll off target after hitting the ground. 

Improved Turf Interaction: Can better get through thick grass without digging in too deep or creating divots in the turf when making shots from tight lies or bunkers. This ensures smoother contact between your golf ball and club face for more consistent results on every shot. 

Easier To Control Trajectory on Approach Shots: Optimizing launch angles for maximum carry distance and soft landings around greenside hazards like bunkers or water hazards.

What Is The Ideal Wedge Bounce?

The ideal wedge bounce for most players is between 10-12 degrees.


It’s important because it helps the club glide through the grass more easily on a shot as it allows for more spin on the ball, which can help control your shots. It will also affect how high or low the ball will fly.

A higher angle will make the ball fly higher, while a lower angle will make it fly lower. Knowing how to adjust your wedge’s bounce angle depending on the situation can be helpful in your arsenal when playing golf.