What is a Waiver Order In Fantasy Football?


What is a Waiver Order In Fantasy Football?

Waiver order is an ordering system that determines which team has the first chance to pick up players who have been dropped from their teams in the league. The team with the highest waiver order gets first dibs on any players who are dropped, while the team with the lowest gets last dibs. The same system applies when teams are trying to pick up free agents or trade for players.

How Does the Waiver Order Work?

When the season begins, all teams will be assigned a numerical value (usually 1-10) representing their place in line regarding waivers or trades. This number will determine which team has priority over other teams when it comes to picking up players who were dropped or become available as free agents.

Each week, these numbers will change based on how well each team does in its respective matchup. The better a team does in its matchup, the higher its number will be for that week, and vice versa. For example, if Team A wins its matchup against Team B by 10 points or more, then Team A would move up two spots on the waiver order while Team B would move down two spots on the list.

This helps create an incentive for teams to play hard each week because their performance directly impacts their position in line when it comes to picking up new players or making trades.


In conclusion, understanding what a waiver order is and how it works can be very beneficial if you want to have success in fantasy football leagues.

By knowing your current spot on the list and paying attention to how other teams perform each week, you can gain an advantage over your opponents by being one of the first people to pick up newly available players or make trades before everyone else can get them.

If you’re serious about winning your fantasy football league this year, setting up and understanding your own unique waiver order should be one of your top priorities.