What Is a V Cut In Basketball?

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If you’ve ever watched basketball, chances are you’ve seen players make a “V-cut” move. But what exactly is a V-cut, and why do players use it? In this post, I’ll discuss the V-cut, why it’s used in basketball, and how to execute it for maximum efficiency on the court.

What is a V-Cut? 

A V-cut is an offensive move that involves cutting in one direction and then quickly changing directions by taking two steps in the opposite direction. It can be used to create space between your defender and yourself as well as confuse them. It also gives your teammates more time to pass the ball to you or create other scoring opportunities.

The main purpose of the move is to create separation from your defender while maintaining good positioning on the court. When executed correctly, this move can be very effective in creating open shots or getting open passes. 

Executing A V-Cut 

To execute a successful V-cut, it’s important to start with proper footwork and body positioning before making sudden moves toward your defender or away from them. This will help maintain balance throughout the move and keep your feet beneath you so that you won’t break any NBA rules by traveling (taking too many steps without dribbling).

After establishing proper positioning, take two quick steps away from your defender and plant your outside foot at an angle to quickly change direction back towards them. Make sure to keep low and explode out of the cut to maximize the separation created between yourself and your defender. 

Why Are They Used? 

The primary reason why players use this cut is that it creates separation between themselves and their defenders, allowing for open shots or passing lanes for their teammates.

When executed correctly, this move can also be challenging for defenders to anticipate or guard against due to its sudden change in direction, which can throw off their timing or defensive stance altogether.

Lastly, this move helps improve the court’s agility, enabling players to react quickly when presented with various situations throughout the game while maintaining good fundamentals and strong offensive positioning.  


By understanding what a V-cut is, why it’s used on the court, and how to execute one effectively for maximum efficiency, you’ll have all the tools necessary to complete this powerful offensive maneuver during games.

Plus, practicing these moves in practice will help improve the court’s agility, giving players an edge come game time.